Town Park

The Town Park

In September, 2006, the official opening of Borrisokane Town Park took place, This new facility for the expanding Town of Borrisokane  incorporates safe public walkways through a 12 acre park-land setting and,also includes a Children’s Playground and All-weather soccer pitch. A large variety and number of trees are also planted to enhance the natural beauty of the park.

These are accompanied by signage providing information on the tree species and on wildlife in the locality,

One of the wishing wells within the park

It is also proposed, as part of a 5 year plan, that Borrisokane Town Park will also incorporate a public stage are where outdoor dramatic, musical and literary performances can take place. This cultural dimension to the park will be augmented by the promotion of “Park Art” which relates to our local environment, Irish Culture non-violent personages from Irish History and which promotes the there of our Park, namely “Peace, family and Happiness”.

The Snug in Borrisokane Town Park-Built by The Borrisokane Men’s shed

Uniquely, this entire project is being created, not by the local Council or by the State, but by a private local organisation which was formed for the specific purpose of putting in place a town park for the benefit of both the growing local population and visitors to the area. The voluntary nature of the park project has met with huge support from throughout the community, including both physical and financial assistance, In fact following publicity for the project in the local media, donations from local resident and businesses were joined by and anonymous donation of $2,500 from a generous U.S. citizen who read about the park on the internet and who was impressed by the efforts and imitative of the people of Borrisokane.

Borrisokane town park is an idea which was only conceived in April 2006. Due to the energy and determination of its supporters, this public recreational facility is now a reality on the ground. This is also a testimony to the obvious and substantial need for such a facility in our expanding town and will ensure that Borrisokane continues its advance as one of the most desirable places in which to line in North Munster, the Mid-West andMidlands regions.

Some of The Quotes – That are placed around the Town park

Sponsor a tree – Why not sponsor a tree in Borrisokane town park? This is an ideal way to assist in the development of the Park. Each parson who sponsors a Tree (or Trees) will be named on a special plaque to be erected in the Park. Trees (of up to 15 feet in height) will be selected by the park committee from a local expert source. Sponsoring a tree costs only €50.00 and represents an investment in the Park, the environment and the future of our community. Please send your contribution and details of your name and address to “The Secretary, Borrisokane Town Park, Borrisokane, Co. Tipperary”.

Any one out there on the Net who would like to contribute either ides or practical assistance towards the development of the Park should contact a committee member or simply write to the secretary. Note that all funds received are devoted in their entirety towards the development of the park.