Historic Dates

Historic Dates – Borrisokane


c.1380 Keatings of Cloughkeating Castle left the area.
1599 O’ Kennedy’s were residing in Ballyhaugh Castle
1642 Owen O’ Kennedy was slain at Tombricane in June.
1661 Captain J. Stopford laid out the town of Borrisokane.
1665 The O’Kennedy’s occupied Tombricane Castle.
1680 A patent for a town market was granted
1691 Genera Ginkel passed through Borrisokane.
1730 Milford House was built by Ralph Smith
1731/2 Mount Falcon House built.
1745 Sopwell Mansion built.
1748 Js. Brennan owned Meaghers/Credit Union.
1765 A Play in Borrisokane was attended by the Stoney family The Stoney’s attended a hurling match in Carney.
1776 Lismacrory House built (in ruins)
1779 Col. T. Sadlier of Sopwell appointed High Sheriff. Col. G. Stoney led the Borrisokane Volunteers.
1781 There was an old R.C. Church in Aglish.
1790 Older mill building erected
1796 The Trenches took over Sopwell.
1810 J.F. Waller composer of “Spinning Wheel” lived in Finnoe House.
1812 Borrisokane Glebe House built Lorrha R.C. Church built.
1813 Aglish Church of Ireland was built.
1816 Aglish Glebe House built
1826 Sopwell Thomas Stoney of Arran Hill died
1827 Aglish united with Borrisokane parish. 
 Robert Hall purchased Merton Hall.
1829 The Shooting Fair took place on Main St (7dead)
1830 Robert Hall purchased 167 acres in Uskane. Modreeny
1832 Foundation Stone old R.C. church laid.
1833 Borrisokane old R.C.
1838 Ardcroney
1839 Night of the big wind 7 January. The Glebe House was left uninhabitable. Ballyhaugh Castle was blown down. The Ormond Brewery was damaged by wind. Four pinnacles blown off Church of Ireland Tower.
1840 The Terrace Houses were built. There was a pottery in Goatstown.
1840/2 The Mill was erected (the big building) Bishop McGoldrick, Main St, born
1841 Robert Hall murdered in Uskane on the 19 May
1843 Kylepark Two murdered in Finnoe 15 November.
1844 350 pupils attended Klye Jail and courthouse of Fair Green opened Old Boy’s School built
1848 Old School in Aglish was built.
1850 First meeting of the work house guardians
1851 Bank of Ireland and Ml. Collins houses built.
1853 The workhouse complex was built.
1859 Stations of the cross erected in the R.C. church
1863 Horse racing started in Kylenagoona.
1864 David Clarke of the Clarke estate died on the 14 February
1868 Methodist chapel opened
1870 The National Bank (Bank of Ireland)
1875 Cloughjordan Methodist Chapel opened.
1884 The town lost out on a railway line.
1886 Milford played Knigh (hurling)
1888 Convent School opened
1889 Maria Dunne was Proprietress of the Commercial Hotel. There were 17 pubs in Town. E.J. Gaynor, merchant, also Supplied Funerals.
1892/6 R.C. Church in Nenagh built.
1896 Ballyfinboy bridge (Feemore) built. The Iron Bridge in Crotta erected
1899 Cloughjordan R.C. church opened.
1901/3 Rex Ingram, legendary film director lived in the Rectory as a small boy.
1904 The plans for the Clarke Hall were drawn up Three people died in workhouse fire
1906 Borrisokane affiliated to P.T.T.A. First in the diocese.
1907 The first motor car recorded in town was on the 7 June
1911 Portumna Bridge was erected.
1915 D.J. Cleary would have buried you for £12.
1916 Hurling field Land purchased.
1919 The Lorrha ambush took place (one dead) McDonaghs & Toomevara played North Final in Aglish
1920 Maxwell an R.I.C. man was shot dead in Cloughjordan in Nov.
1921 The Modreeny Ambush took place on the 3 June, four dead. Munster and Leinster bank robbed (£2,000 taken). Courthouse and jail burnt. Aglish R.C. Church bell blessed.
1923 Races were held in Mount Falcon .
1924 Protestant School was built (now demolished)
1928 The Ballycasey drainage was going on. A burial plot in the new cemetery was £2.
1930 Clarke Memorial Hall opened.
1933 Bawnmore lose county final on the 12th of Nov. Senior Hurlers lose Co Final Senior Hurlers won North Final
1935 First Boy Scouts formed in Borrisokane. Uskane hurlers won North final (Junior). The ‘Molua’ launched, Editor Rev. P. Cahill.
1936 Grawn R.C. Church closed down. The Water Tower on the Terrace was started, completed 1937
1938 Boys Scouts won the Diocesan Shield.
1940 Junior Hurlers won North Final. Intermediate hurlers won the 11th final Temperance priest, Fr. Matthew visited
1941 Dinny Doorley played county senior.
1943 A branch of the Red Cross was formed. Seamus Gardiner N.T. became President of the G.A.A. Borrisokane rural school (community college) opened
1945 Two coursings held in Finnon, 7 February and 12 December. Henderson and Bailey started in the creamery, 12 November. They moved to the Fair Green in
1946. Rev. P. Cahill appointed Parish Priest of Borrisokane
1948 There was a caravan factory in the creamery.
1949 Boys School on the Nenagh Road was built.
1951 Canon P. Cahill blessed the cross on Knockshegowna.
1952 A temporary school was held in the creamery in 1952.
1953 Borrisokane won the first juvenile title in 1953. Son Kelly and Frank McKenna won all-Ireland medals with Tipp. Juniors. Kyle Park new School opened in 1954 First ten houses built on Marian Ave
1955 “Is the Priest at Home” was staged. Borrisokane Silver Circle (Church Fund)
1957 Puckane Grotto blessed, opened 11 January.
1958 Jimmy Cahill and Sean Phelan played County Junior.
1957 The Stella Cinema opened, it closed in 1967
1959 Brendan Hogan recorded his L.P. record.
1960 St. Michael’s new school, Aglish built.
1961 Apostolic society started Bushy Park House burned down
1963 Seamus Gardiner N.T. retired in June.
1964 Vocational School extension finished. Brendan Hogan (singer) performed in Carnegie Hall
1968 First AGM of the BDDA held in 1968 (200 attended)
1969 Ger McKenna first Irish Derby win in 1969 First old Folks party held
1970 Senior cycle course obtained in 1970 Gerry Slevin won two Munster Scór finals for recitation 1970/2.
1971 The Badminton Club was found in 1971 Modifications to Aglish R.C. Church (£16,153.0) 2,200 fans dance to Big Tom in the marquee
1972 Badminton club won their first county final in 1972/3 B.D.D.A Centre opened
1973 Mick Delahunty’s Orchestra played for the badminton club in 1973/5/6. New R.C. church opened in 11 November at a cost of. £98,660.81
1974 Five Priests exhumed at the old R.C. Church and re-interned at the new Church.
1976/8 The Fire Station was built
1976 John B. Keane visited Borrisokane
1977 The Credit Union office’s opened The loading Bank was demolished
1978 The ballad group lost the All-Ireland Scór.
1979 A wedding breakfast in the Brennan Arms cost £4.50. Dermot J. Dunne (Headmaster) retired.
1981 Rev. J. Madden appointed P.P. Ger McKenna wins his first English derby and his second in 1989
1982 Second extension to Vocational school finished Kelly’s ballroom burnt down in April
1983 Donacha O’Dulaing first visited Borrisokane. Borrisokane Parochial House sold. Vocational School won two All-Ireland Junior Football Finals 1983/89.
1985 The convent tree was cut down in May
1986 Soccer Team won the premiership
1986/7/8/9 New library of Fair Green opened
1987 New water tower finished in 1987 (180,000 gls – 72ft high) Seamus Gardiner GAA Park dedicated
1989 Killavalla House burnt down Church of Book ‘Ger McKenna on Greyhounds’ was launched
1990 Church of Ireland re-roofed. Dean P. Cahill died Erin’s hope won county final (minor) in October.
1991 Aidreen Hogan captained the Tipp minors.
1992 R.I.C Barracks, Main St , attacked on the 26th June
1993 Protestant Church re-roofed. Borrisokane Tidy Towns Committee formed by Sean Egan
1994 First girls as Alter Servers in R.C. Church Rathmore House demolished. The Creamery closed down. “A Parish History of Borrisokane” By Eamon Slevin launched
1995 Congor Church of Ireland was demolished. The new wall around the Church of Ireland built.
1996 Minch Norton took over William Waller.
1997 Borrisokane Co-educational school opened in September. The GAA Lotto started. Convent School closed.
1998 Kyle Park school started on the 19th October Borrisokane Golf Society had their first outing in Roscrea 24th Oct. “Stella Day’s” By Michael Doorley launched.
2000 Borrisokane Parish video on sale. Henderson & Bailey closed down.
2001 Historical Parish Journal launched Aglish Macra celebrated its Golden Jubilee (1951-2001).
2002 The Garda Siochana Band first visited in December
2003 New street lights on the green erected GAA Field -Stand was built. Korean Team visited Borrisokane for Special Olympics. President Mary McAleese visited Old Church Centre in June. B.D.D.A field and Breretons Hall sold Pitch and Putt course opened Slevins Electrical closed down (1930-2003). Martin Sheen visited Borrisokane for Special Remembrance of his mother (1903-1951)