Borrisokane/Aglish Pioneers

Borrisokane/Aglish Pioneers

The primary aim of the pioneer association is the promotion of sobriety and temperance through prayer and self-sacrifice. The main obligations of Pioneers are to abstain from all alcoholic drink, to recite the Pioneer prayer and to wear the pioneer emblem.

Membership Categories of Association
Juvenile Pioneers are children who, with the consent of their parents promise to abstain from alcohoic drink until the age of twelve years when, if they wish, they can become young pioneers.

Young Pioneers (12 Years – Upward) promise to abstain from alcoholic drink until they are at least eighteen years old and to keep off all illicit drugs for life.

Temporary Pioneers are adults of moderate drinking habits who wish to abstain from alcoholic drink for a period of at least one year with the intention of becoming permanent pioneers.

Limited-Period Pledge is a pledge of total abstinence for a period of choice and can be renewed as frequently as desired.

Permanent Pioneers are over sixteen years and have promised total abstinence from alcohol for life. If you would like more information on becoming a member of the Pioneer Association.

If you would like more information on becoming a member of the Pioneer Association or are already a Pioneer and would like to become involved in the forthcoming activities of Borrisokane/Aglish centre please contact any of the following:

Fr. JJ Rodgers 067 27140
Imelda 067 21292
Mary 067 27498
Michael 067 27055
Jenny 067 27316
Sean 067 21117
Maura 090 9747118