Lying to the east of the original parish of Borrisokane and to the south of Aglish lies the ancient parish of Uskane. The ruin of the old Church is situated on low ground. It was founded in the 13th century by the Canons regular of Lorrha. The parish contains 6,206 statute acres. In 1837 the population of Uskane was 1,459 people. The order of the Canons regular was founded towards the eleventh century. The regular Canons were monks not friars, the difference being monks lived a secluded life apart from the world and the friar was allowed if he wished to live amongst the local people and cater for their religious needs. The frugal Canons dressed in all black and were also called “The Black Canon’s” Uskane burial ground is situated around the old Church, but it hasn’t been used much in modern times. It contains twenty five headstones, one dating back as far as 1752. Uskane House is situated near the Church and is the home of the Armitage family.