Near the village of Aglish in the townland of Kilebeg on the Aglish to Ballingarry road is the site of Simon’s Well. The well received its more modern name a few hundred years ago when one Simon O’ Grady erected a stone alter near when had formerly been a holy well, associated with St. Passawn’. It was said to have been a large spring well, with the power to cure various diseases. A hawthorn bush growing nearby was said, never to have produced any thorns from its fruit. The inscription on the stone reads: “This is erected at this well in memory of St. Passawn. Born in place of pilgrimage 1772. It was reported that one of the owners of Ballingarry, went to do battle with his cousin, the owner of Ballyquirk Castle over some dispute or other. The site of the battlefield was the area around Simon’s Well. The Ballingarry cousin won the day.