The castle is situated about one and a half miles from Killaleigh. It belonged to Stephen McEgan and was made over to Nicholas White at the Cromwellian settlement. “Made over” is putting it nicely. It is a square castle 47ft by 35ft and the walls are 7ft thick. It belongs to the 14th Century. It was originally five storeys high, with the second floor resting on a stone arch. The walls were well grouted and the stone staircase passed through the thickness of the south and east walls. The windows were rectangular and constructed of chiselled limestone. Time and man have taken its toll on the building and it is now a decaying falling ruin.

The McEgans who were Brehons established their Chief Residence in Agnameadle Castle and held other very important residences in Redwood, Behamore, Druminashane, Sopwell and Cloughkeating castles. The following is a deed that will show the castle existed in 1549. Deed dated at cashel, July 24th, the third year of Edward VI, by Thomas O’ Kennedy, son and heir of Philip O’Kennedy of Dromnamehane in Lower Ormond, Co. Tipperary, gent, deceased, to the effect that he was granted to Philip Purcell, provost of the house of the Holy Cross of Hwoghterlaunde, and James Archer of Archerstowne in the same county, gent, the manor, castle, lordship and town of Dromnamehane, and all the messages, lands, tenements, profits, etc… thereto belonging, with other customary rights and customs; to have and to hold to said Philip and James, the heirs and assigns, to the use of Thomas Butler, earl of Ormond, his heirs and assigns, forever. Said Thomas also hereby appointed James son of ‘Robenetus’ Purcell, of Adnythe, and Edmund son of Oliver Marres.